Products made by Oklahoma Entrepreneurs being sold in the store

Snider Farms is located in Hollis, OK, which is in the very southwest corner of Oklahoma. Most of the country around here is used for farming and ranching. Our peanut butter is fresh-made and contains no preservatives or sugar – nothing but peanuts and a little salt! 

Southern Okie Gourmet Spreads - Edmond

We offer a large selection of popcorn flavors, 32 to be exact. Everything from your basic butter and salt to Chocolate Covered Cherry. Yes it's really cherry flavored popcorn that has been drizzled with dark chocolate to create this flavor. It is out of this world good.

Secret Garden Candle Co. - Tulsa

Okie Candle Shop - Mustang

Southern Okie makes mouth-watering, Gourmet Spreads, using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or anything else you can't pronounce.

Lasley Peanut Farm - Eakly

Trader Dave's - Ponca City

A unique, refreshing blend of tomatoes, cilantro, lime, and homey is what your taste buds will experience with this satisfying salsa.  

Okie Candle Shop is known for its authentic, amazingly intense, long lasting, pure air candles and fragranced products. We love to tell you that every single item we produce is done by hand with absolutely zero automation involved.

Over The Fence Farms - Enid

No Man's Land Beef Jerky - Boise City

Snackzels are seasoned pretzels that have amazing flavor. Try one and you will keep reaching for more. Grab some today and experience Pretzels Made Awesome. Flavors include Ranch, Taco, Spicy, and Dill Pickle.

Pepper Creek Farms  - Lawton

Mollycoddled Hash Slinger - Ft. Gibson

J & J, Etc. - Mustang

Est. in 1946, Lovera's offers the best of Italy & the New World including making Italian sausage, Caciocavallo Cheese & importing the best of Italian products.  The Lovera family is proud to ensure the highest quality, handcrafted and unique goods will be on your table.

Locally owned and operated in the state of Oklahoma with two locations to serve you: Sulphur, OK and Dill City, OK. McGhee's Honey Farms specializes in pure Oklahoma raw honey, comb honey, various flavors of spun honey, candied jalapeno's, and Honey BBQ!

Mema (Connie Tate) is a native Oklahoman. She has been in the food industry for 44 years. Her experience has been in the restaurant business, catering business, and now food production. Her salsa and other products have been enjoyed by people all over the world.

Gleeful Peacock - Tulsa

Pepper Creek Farms is a family-run company, based in Southwest Oklahoma, specializing in turning fresh local produce into classic American condiments, pepper jellies, relishes, pickles, salsas, dips and seasonings.

Owned & farmed by brothers Kent & Steve Livesay, Livesay's grow & sell fruits & vegetables. Livesay's has the largest peach orchard in the state of OK. & sells their famous Porter Peach products including peach salsa, jam and butter.

All of our sauces are made “all-natural” with no MSG or high fructose corn syrups and are gluten free. We feel confident you will find our products great tasting and satisfying to the palate.

AJ's Food Products - Edmond

Kirk & Christy Kuhlman started Towhead Products in 2010. Kirk remembered how his Grandparents would make their own salsa & he decided to make & can his own version of his Grandparent's salsa. They then decided to put it on the market. 

As the great-granddaughter of the Oklahoma ranch cook Maria Rae, it is my privilege to share with you the freshest salsa made from the finest ingredients available today. We use original recipes passed down through my family for generations – Maria Rae would want it that way!

A & J Salsa Company - Chickasha

Irma's Burger Shack Mustard - Oklahoma City

Fred & Sue Lawhorn purchased the business from creator Lee & Sharon Henry in 2011. They sell pickled asparagus, mustards, dressings, pickled garlic, asparagus pepper jelly, dry meat rubs, BBQ sauces, chili seasoning & bloody mary mix.

Red Corn Native Foods - Pawhuska

Rustic Cuff was created late one night when Jill Donovan grew weary of searching for that perfect cuff and decided to create her own. What started off as a midnight hobby, making for friends and family, has now turned into a creative outlet with endless ideas and possibilities.

Lovera's - Krebs

I watched my relatives "season-to-taste" and as the years went by, I developed my own taste for seasoning. Bronko's Pit Bar-B-Que sauces has been picked 10 to 1 over other top selling brands.

In 2010 Bricktown Candy Co. set out to reopen Triple AAA Root Beer Co. in OKC which shut down in 1974. Created in 1937 the company had 24 different flavors!  Today there is root beer, cream soda and cherry with more on the way! We hope you enjoy the flavors of the past. 

Longeva Labs, Inc. - Oklahoma City

What started as a way for college friends & colleagues to stay in touch has turned into a full service BBQ Co. Award winning products include sauces:  Smokin Blues, Smokin' Razz, & Smoking' Razz Bold-n-Spicy & Smokin Spice BBQ Rub.

The mission of The Homesteader’s Finest is to always use the freshest ingredients—organic when possible—and promote a clean lifestyle. But no matter how busy things get, it’s always about family first. “And when you buy our jams and sauces, you’re part of our family,” says Tori.

Bronko's Pit BBQ Sauces - Spencer

Mema's Authentic Salsa - Mannford

Leslie and Michael Umfleet started Secret Garden Candle Co. 20 years ago.  Michael is the "fragrance developer." All of their candles are hand poured. They also make some great Oklahoma T-shirts!

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, My Dad's Salsa started out with family and friends and has expanded to shops all over the state. With four levels of heat, it's the best you'll ever eat! We have Mild, Medium, Hot and Macho Hot available in Quarts and Pints.

Three Sands Clothing - Tulsa

Deep Fork Foods - Beggs

Christian Cheese - Kingfisher

World's largest Maker of Made in USA Jeans and USA Overalls. Named for the "round house" railroad station, ROUND HOUSE brand of overalls quickly become a favorite among rail workers.  100+ years later it is the oldest operating manufacturing co. in Oklahoma.

Most all of Nikki's designs are hand-painted and assembled with as much glee as possible. Gleeful Peacock is an ode to vintage designs, color, and warm memories. Inspiration comes from all things that make you smile and the belief that the world is a beautiful place. Modern color schemes and a few pop culture references make for a fun and gleeful line.

Grandpa Salter's Pecan Candy - Eufaula

Charlie Bean Coffee - Oklahoma City

A family owned & operated food distribution co. making healthy snack alternatives - Microwavable pork rinds you pop yourself, low-carb & no sugar added dips and Reno's Pickles & Chow-

We use only the freshest ingredients! Our Salsa is diabetic friendly as well as LOW SALT & LOW SUGAR! We have 5 levels of Heat from Mild, Warm, Medium, Hot and the New Exxtreme that has Habanero, Ghost Pepper with Trinidad Maruga Scorpion Pepper.

A complete line of dry food mixes are now available from The Hungry Monkey. Everything from Tortilla Soup to Spinach Dip to Baby Back Ribs to Key Lime Margarita Pie and much much more. All delicious and easy to make!

The Hungry Monkey - Orlando

Sid's Diner Hot Dog Slaw -

El Reno

Bedre Chocolates - Davis

Premier Popcorn - Tulsa

Snider Farms Peanut Butter - Hollis

Owned by the Chickasaw Nation since 2000, Bedre' Fine Chocolate has set the standard for quality gourmet chocolates.  Bedre' means "better" - that says it all.

MiraFlex presents a potent synergy of three powerful components: three all natural anti-inflammatories, two powerful analgesics and an all natural delivery vehicle to get the components to the affected area faster and more efficiently.

Towhead Products - Tuttle

Round House - Shawnee

Split T Theta Sauce - Edmond

Rockin' LH Asparagus Farm - Checotah

Started in 2011 by 3 sisters, their products include two pepper jellies: Oklahoma Gold which is a mango pineapple, habernero jelly & Jalapeno Jack which is a pinneapple jalapeno jelly.

"Ain't nothin a good burger and a cold beer can't cure" - Irma

Irma's Burger Shack is OKC's destination for the best burgers - and spicy mustard!

McGhee's Honey Farms - Sulphur

Snackzels - Edmond

Boudreaux's Swamp Sauces & Seasonings - Coweta

Fresh from the farm homemade peanut candies and roasted peanut snacks. Here at Lasley Farms, we are dedicated to producing quality products that your family will enjoy as much as ours does.  We have raised peanuts near Eakly Oklahoma for nearly  four generations.  

Not only do we cater everything from business lunches to weddings, we manufacture & market a wonderful selection of jams, fellies, fruit butters, mustards and salad dressings.

Located in Oklahoma's oldest town dating back prior to state hood in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma--we are Oklahoma's only non-chocolate artisan confectionery. We strive to bring classic confections back with a modern palate & take pride in using many Oklahoma sourced ingredients in our confections. Home of the Salted Whiskey Caramels.

Three Sands Clothing is all about Oklahoma history. Our designs are based on accounts of actual sports teams, games, and events from Oklahoma's past.  We hope you enjoy our vintage t-shirts and hats.

A complete line of dry food mixes are now available from The Hungry Monkey. Everything from Tortilla Soup to Spinach Dip to Baby Back Ribs to Key Lime Margarita Pie and much much more. All delicious and easy to make!

Sweet Prairie Home Fudge - Bethany

Maria Rae's Gourmet Foods - Enid

A local favorite, Sid's offers a friendly, laid-back atmosphere for diners to enjoy delicious American-style meals in good southern company. Enjoy their trademark slaw that has a sweet/sour interplay, incorporating notes of mustard, vinegar and sugar.

The Prairie Gypsies - Oklahoma City

3 Bulls Salsa

My Dad's Salsa - Tulsa

Founded in 2004, Charlie Bean Company started with a home coffee roaster and a man with a dream. Our family-owned business takes pride in our employees and the service we provide.

Rustic Cuff - Tulsa

Suan Grant always enjoyed cooking for her family & friends & after years of treating them to the favorite Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, she took the leap and presented her product to the public & started Suan's Foods

Don't settle for the mass-produced stuff that tastes nothing like beef jerky, get the real thing! No Man’s Land Beef Jerky is USDA Certified Beef, so you can be guaranteed that you will be getting the best, low fat, American-made beef jerky that your money can buy.

Greg & Annie Johnson started the compnay.  They have 6 flavors of salsa & 2 flavors of BBQ sauces at the present time.  Soon to come are 2 more BBQ sauces & 2-3 meat rubs.

Three Sands Clothing is all about Oklahoma history. Our designs are based on accounts of actual sports teams, games, and events from Oklahoma's past.  We hope you enjoy our vintage t-shirts and hats.

3 Sisters Products - Norman, Coweta, Ponca City

The Trader Dave’ s farm spans three and a half acres on the east edge of Ponca City in North
Central Oklahoma. The property utilized currently houses a home-built 50’ by 60’ greenhouse
that contains aquaponic systems and a 60’ by 90’ commercial greenhouse that is designed
specifically for growing hydroponic tomatoes and vegetables.

Suan's Foods - Oklahoma City

Thanks to our loyal employees and customers, we have grown to be a very quiet Oklahoma success story and indeed, one of the region's most widely known and respected locally-owned produce processors.

Triple AAA Soda Co. - Oklahoma City

The Christian family has been in the Grade A dairy business for 51 years and has been making cheese for 13 years. These cheeses have no preservatives and no hormones are given to our cows and no antibiotics get to the milk. 

The Homesteader's Finest - Lawton

In 2007, Raymond & Waltena’s grandson, Ryan Red Corn took over the company and runs it from downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma on the Osage Nation Rerservation. The family proudly continues to serve all of its happy customers with the same quality of service they have grown accustomed to for all these years.

Livesay Orchards - Porter

Scott Farms Gourmet Foods - Altus

Larry & JoAnna Scott created Scott Farms in 1983.  They specialize in dip mixes, soups which include tortilla, enchilada, potato, & cheddar-broccoli, They also have many varieties of  seasonings.  

Over the Fence Farms has a variety of handmade items to tickle your favorite taste buds! Sweet and Spicy Pickles, Cowgirl Kisses, Jezebel Sauce, Beer Batter Bread Mixes, Spices Mixes and even a Cobbler Mix.

Vince Stephens created an institution back in 1953. The menu of the Split T restaurant included his Mother's recipes for Caesar, Hickory & Thousand Island sauces between the buns of his flame-broiled patties.

Grandpa Salters worked on his recipe for over 20 years when he was growing & harvesting pecans. The candy is made of honey, peanut butter, sorghum, corn syrup, butter & vanilla.  It is a winner!

3 Guys Smokin, LLC - Tulsa

Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co. - Oklahoma City