Skip Thompson - Sulphur

Gwyn LaCrone - ​Muskogee

When Daryl ventured into woodworking his craftsmanship was obvious & he began turning out pieces of art in his shop building.  Daryl has unique and beautiful wood boxes and other pieces of art in the gallery.

Cheryl Ann Smith - Checotah​

Storm was a Junior High Art Teacher for 21 years.  She states, "In my paintings I strive to portray personal feelings and perceptions.  Light is usually the focus of my paintings.  I paint a variety of subject matter but people will always be my first love.  

Paul has taught art in public schools for forty years.  He is now retired and paints full time.  He also teaches adjunct at East Central University.  Paul teaches acrylic painting classes at the gallery as well as Legacy On Main Street.

Warren Osburn majored in art, has been a technical illustrator, has managed an art gallery & worked as a commercial artist.  He has won awards for his bronze sculptures, oil paintings, water colors, pencil drawings, scratchboard & pastel.

When I was around 30 I began to tap into my creative side by drawing, carving, and painting.  God has provided us with a beautiful world and I want to capture it as long as God is willing to keep me around.  

Bob Carder
​Carder Clay Creations - Eufaula

Cheryl Ann Smith - Checotah​

Doloras Frederick - ​Porum

I only began being serious about doing what I truly love to do about 10 years ago. I have since mosaic'd just about everything I could get my hands on. If I could, I would just do it day and night!

Molly Drog - ​Broken Arrow

"Spirit Trail Baskets by Molly" Molly was taught to make Pine Needle Baskets by Cherokee artists.  She is now proud to carry on the great tradition of Cherokee basket coiling & following the footprints of the Ancestors.

I have always had a special fondness for animals. I started my career doing paintings to raise money for our local humane society.  Now I paint portraits of both pets and people on commission. I feel it is a way to validate the life of a loved one.

Donna is a visual and performing artist.  She works in various mediums, but her current focus is on landscape paintings in oil.  Her favorite subject is the Lake Eufaula area.  Sunsets and sunrises are some of her favorites as well.

A contemporary expresssionist,

Kerry paints his subjects not as they are but rather as he feels them to be. Kerry's paintings are brought to life through bold, vibrant color. applied with gestural strokes of rough expressive texture.

Always interested in art, Patsy began oil painting many years ago but sculptures were just waiting the opportunity to break out.  This opportunity happened in 2000 & she has never looked back.  "To see the stories unfold in bronze delights me."

Patsy Lane - Konawa

Donna Hockman 
Meladonna Basketry -  Eufaula

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to paint. I can now pour myself into a lifetime of showing a bit of God's creation. I give "HIM" all the credit for any success I may ever accomplish.

Rodney Helms - Eufaula

I have always found pleasure in drawing.  I have never had an art lesson.  I came across this charming little gallery & feel like I have found a home. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed drawing it.

Freda de Odis Flatt - ​Ada

Daryl McKnight - Eufaula

A registered Choctaw artist, Theresa makes jewelry with seed beads & natural gemstones. As a silversmith she works with copper and silver, making pendants, bracelets, rings and bolos. 

Paul Walsh - Ada

Oklahoma has some of the

best landscape painting opportunities of all places she's been able to paint.  Painting from life whether it is a landscape, still life, or portrait is the most enjoyable to her.  She is a member of the Oklahoma Lady Artists.

Theresa Renegar
Chahta Nuseka- Mcalester

Clay is a wonderful medium of the earth that can be manipulated to an art. I was introduced to clay/pottery nearly 50 years ago & it has 

turned into a long standing

love affair.

All animals hold a fascination for Judy & she enjoys portraying them in pencil, watercolor, oil, etchings, hand pulled lithographs & hand pulled serigraphs.  She  has been commissioning pet portraits which have been a steady business for her.

Monica Brown - ​Tahlequah

Wanene Keener -  Porum

Kerry Billington - ​Edmond

Randy Holland - Canadian

Artists in the Gallery

Jason Wilson - Hartshorne

Jenni James - ​Oklahoma City
​Jennie James Mosaics

Rustic Cuff was created in 2011 by Jill.  Her lifelong obsession with cuffs & a need for a creative outlet turned into so much more. She t​aught herself all aspects of leather making & metal design in her guest bedroom.

Skip has been a painter for over 30 years.  She paints primarily in oil on canvas covered hardwood panels.  Skip states,

"I can't imagine my life without art.  It is my soul food.  Art nourishes my soul."

Judy Osburn - ​Norman

When  I was around 30 I began to tap into my creative side by drawing, carving and painting. God has provided us with a beautiful world & I want to capture it as long as God is willing to keep me around.

I have found in the fifty-plus years of my art career that I love to work with Pastel the best. Pastel is a pure pigment & when applied to conservation ground, it is the most permanent of all media. Waneene has paintings & cards in the gallery.

I have always been a craft person, always trying new things.  I fell in love with the art of pine needle baskets in 1997. In 2000, I started also making rope baskets and leather work.

"God has blessed me with the skills and the eyes to see." Doloras began her art career in 1969. She paints abstraction of realism, capturing an emotion or impression from memory.

I began painting fall scenes in 1974. I am basically self taught and am still learning.  I work in oil, acrylic, pastels and watercolor.  My favorite subjects are florals, wild animals and landscapes.

Storm Strickland - ​Ada​

Jon's work is based on Native History.  He works in several mediums including pencil, prisma color pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed medium.  "I believe art has a story.  I want to educate the non-Indian people through art.  I love tribal history and lore."

Betty Knight - Checotah

Sandy Ingram - Konowa

I enjoy working with color by using acrylic paint.  I consider myself a color specialist (self-proclaimed I might add). My paintings use color to the max.  I love "tricking" the eye & creating color illusions.

Ever since my Father introduced me to hunting I have enjoyed the out doors & wildlife.  Later I gained an interest in taxidermy.  The items in the gallery are from Oklahoma diamondback rattlesnakes.  Each item is hand made.

Pam Husky -  Longtown

I began making teddy bears in 1985 & began designing my own patterns in 1987. I use mohair, vintage furs, wool & imported plush.   I have been commissioned to design keepsake bears for many families from vintage fur coats.

Lisa Regan/Garden Deva- Tulsa

People began felting, spinning, & weaving 10,000 years ago. Fiber is an ultimate part of our lives today. My view from home is the Lake Eufaula shoreline. I work with fiber to convey those images - the surface of rocks, bark of trees, depth of sky & water's reflections.

Warren Osburn - Norman

Donna Pearce - Stigler

Lisa has been cutting metal for 20 years.  After finding success selling her sculptures at art fairs she started her Garden Deva studio. Her motto? "Be possesed of the patience & stability to keep on moving in the direction of your dreams."

Jon Tiger - Eufaula

Jill Donovan -Tulsa