I began painting fall scenes in 1974. I am basically self taught and am still learning.  I work in oil, acrylic, pastels and watercolor.  My favorite subjects are florals, wild animals and landscapes.

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Three Sands Clothing is all about Oklahoma history. Our designs are based on accounts of actual sports teams, games, and events from Oklahoma's past.

Deborah Bouziden is a full time freelance writer, speaker, teacher, certified Journal Technique Instructor, and creative coach. Her love affair with words began at the age of six when she learned to read.  Bouziden began writing and publishing magazine articles in 1985. She has published hundreds of articles, which have appeared in numerous magazines such as Writer's Digest, Woman's Day, The Writer, Personal Journaling, Byline, Lady's Circle, ParentLife, OKC Business, and many others.  She has served as Secretary, Vice President, Conference Coordinator (twice), and President of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, a writer's organization 600 strong and growing.  

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