For the most part I am self-taught and have learned much from my many mistakes.  I believe in my work being quality and take many steps to make sure it lasts…especially since many of my pieces are for outdoors.  After I grout a piece, I mist it with water for three days.  This helps cure (harden) the grout.  I then seal each one with grout sealer.  This makes it nearly completely water proof.  However, I do not recommend that you leave your item outside throughout the winter, as it may freeze and crack. 

127 N. Main Street eufaula ,ok

In 1932 Waltena C. Myers married Raymond W. Red Corn Jr. after a whirlwind 3-week courtship in the heart of Osage Country, Pawhuska, Oklahoma. After their marriage, Mary Mcfall, a full-blood Osage woman, took Waltena under her wing and began to instruct her in the art of Osage feast cooking. Aunt Mary taught Waltena well, and a long and enduring friendship was born.  In 2007, Raymond & Waltena’s grandson, Ryan Red Corn took over the company and runs it from downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma on the Osage Nation Rerservation. The family proudly continues to serve all of its happy customers with the same quality of service they have grown accustomed to for all these years.

In short, I’m a creative person that writes the most unusual stories for books, movies, and shows. Notable works include my travel and interview site, Uncovering Oklahoma.

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